Divergent Movie with Quotes

 Trust the test. _ Tris #Divergent 

What I am. Erudite ? Amity ? Candor ? Abnegation ? Or... Dauntless ? _ Tris #Divergent

 You're Abnegation. Erudite. And Dauntless. They call it Divergent. _ Tori #Divergent

 Beatrice. Tomorrow, when you'll choose. Think to the family. But yourself too. _ Caleb #Divergent

 Erudite. _ Marcus to Caleb #Divergent

 Dauntless. #Divergent 

 Run Boy Run. #Divergent

 - I'm Christina. 
- Beatrice. 
 They jump. _ Tris #Divergent

 Together. _ Tris & Christina. #Divergent

 Me _ Tris to Eric to jump first. #Divergent

 - We push you ? 
- No. 
Tobias & Tris. #Divergent    - What's your name ? 
- Hmm... Be... 
- You can take an other name but you won't be able to change. 
- Tris. 
Tobias & Tris #Divergent
 - My name is Four. 
- Four like the number ? 
- Exactly. 
- One, two, three were taken ? 
Four & Christina #Divergent
 - Well Christina, if you want to survive here, the first lesson is to shut the fuck up. Is that clear? 
- Yes. 
Four & Christina #Divergent
 I do not want to hear about your old fractions. Now you're Dauntless. _ Four #Divergent 

 You choose us. Now we choose you. _ Eric #Divergent

 Statistically, you should have hit the target at least once. Even if it's by accident. _ Will #Divergent 

 I want this. _ Tris to Tori #Divergent 

 You're weak. You don't have muscles. [...] You're fast. You must attack first. _ Four #Divergent 

 Grab the rail. We're done. You have three options. Hang there, and I'll forgive your cowardice. Fall and die. Or give up. _ Eric #Divergent

  Wouah, you're good. _ Christina to Tris. #Divergent 

 - How are you ? 
- You cut me. 
- It wanted. You thought that you would leave to go just like that ? Would you still there if I had not cut. 
_ Four & Tris #Divergent
 - I'm supposed to thank you ? 
- You're supposed to be smart. If I would want to hurt you, i would do it. _ Tris & Four #Divergent


 - Who told you to come? 
- Me. 
- You ? 
- Okay... 
_ Eric & Tris #Divergent
 - You don't have to follow me. 
- Go slow. You got beat. 
- You notice? I saw that you left in the fight. 
- I didn't want to see.
_ Tris & Four #Divergent 
- I think it's okay. 
- No, we have to go further up.
 - You have vertigo. 
- Everyone's afraid of something. 
- I didn't believe that you're afraid of something. 
- Please tris. Seriously ? Are you human?
- It wasn't so difficult ? 
_ Tris & Four #Divergent
 - Tell me if it hurts. 
- You tell us. 
- Bitch. 
- Idiot. 
_ Peter, Tris & Christina #Divergent 

 - What was yours results ? 
- There were not conclusive. 
- Divergent ? [...] Don't tell to anybody. 
_ Natalie and Tris #Divergent
 It's not real. _ Tris #Divergent 

 - Marcus had a son. What's his name ? 
- Tobias. 
 - Four. Four like four fears ? 
- Four fears then, four fears now. 

 I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest. I continually struggle with kindness. _ Tobias#Divergent 

 - Please tell me you didn't see that. 
- It would reassure you that I respond no ? _ Tris & Four 
 - Welcome to the Dauntless. _ Eric 

 Don't think. Just jump. _ Tris #Divergent 

 Why does everybody keep saying that? _ Tris #Divergent 

 He can't recognize you. _ Jeanine  #Divergent 

 Four, it's me. I love you. It's good. Four, look me. It's me. It's me. _ Tris to Tobias #Divergent